OER Math at Phoenix College

Blog Post from James Sousa, Math Faculty, Phoenix College:  

Image from JAMIE DYRA

I have been a part of creating 11 OER math courses.  Many of the courses can be found as template courses on MyOpenMath.com.  Each course consists of an eBook, online homework, video lessons and video examples.  In the development process of each course, my contribution was the creation of videos to support the course topics. All of my videos can be found at mathispower4u.com.  Almost all of the other course content was created by other dedicated faculty members that were willing to openly license and share their work.  While there was a consider amount of upfront work to create these courses, the effort to create each course was well worth it.  

Now that the courses are complete, the focus is to make each course better each semester rather than dealing with new editions of publisher textbooks.  The OER courses have saved students from having to buy a textbook.  More importantly, every student has all of the resources they need to be successful on the first day of class or before.  This allows learning to begin on day one!  If you would like to learn more about teaching with OER and creating OER course materials, you may want to consider completing the free course:  Becoming an open educator.  This course will address the following topics:

  1. What is ‘open’ education?
  2. Why use open practices and resources?
  3. Using open educational resources Unit content
  4. How to create and share open educational resources
  5. Putting ‘open’ into practice

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